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Mar 5, 2011 7:00pm EST
'll be released this spring, visit, and check out the news about books section. >> seth mnookin looks at the 1998 study by british researcher andrew wakefield linking childhood vaccinations to autism. the wakefield report has led to a movement in the u.s. fueled by celebrities like oprah winfrey and jenny mccarthy to stop vaccinating children which mr. mnookin says is aou
Mar 23, 2011 11:00pm PDT
for coach kay. it's going to affect other players. seth curry and up drive and nolen smith have developed an ego on this particular team and that changes with him back. it change your minutes, may change your role a little bit. but i think the truth is, there's no risks to irving from a health standpoint. he's fine to play but there is risk to the team's chemistry. but i don't think they do win a national championship weight irving. i think they could get to a final four but without him i don't think they're as strong as kansas or ohio state. >> charlie: that would be a great game. >> ohio is better but kentucky has great talent and going into the game -- kentucky is not there very often. they have played outstanding basketball over the last month. they hit 61% against george mason. george mason, they're not a bad team, they're a good team. and the truth is owe hypo state made them look like a bad team. they were magnificent. ohio state's got everything you want in a basketball team. they've got balance and a big guy and a guard as a freshman is good as an on ball defender as you're goin
Mar 28, 2011 9:00am EDT
in to continue working on seth up the cooling system. but again, i underline this new development today in reactor number two, the big challenge will be if there's a leak if there's a crack in the containment vessel, then that water is going to keep on coming out. so that's the big thing is we look at the week ahead. >> okay. so i hesitate to bring this up, but i'm going to because over the weekend, trace amounts of radiation linked to the japanese plant were found in massachusetts rainwater. i wouldn't think it could travel that for but should anybody be worried about this? >> carol, i'm glad you are asking this question. and i live in massachusetts. and the question is a flat 100% no. people should not be worrying about this. these are trace amounts. they have no -- will have no impact on human health in the u.s. we get radiation every day anyway from other sources. and not all radiation is created equal. it depends on the type of radiation it is. how long you are exposed to it. a lot of different factors. so just because you read radiation in the europe newspap thr on tv, you should
Mar 1, 2011 5:00pm EST
, we're going on a safari. so we're on the serengeti, and seth finds a really big bone. we're talking huge. they dig it up, put it in the natural history museum and we get to name it. sethasauraus. really. your points from chase sapphire preferred are worth 25% more on travel? means better vacations. that's incredible. believe it...with chase sapphire preferred your points are worth 25% more on travel when booked through ultimate rewards. >>> while u.s. forces stay on the sidelines, libyan rebels and pro-gadhafi troops are fighting for control of the country. brian todd has been looking into the firepower. which side has the real advantage? >> both sides have advantages, but also very serious disadvantages. what you're looking at are two sides scrapping for every last recruit and piece of equipment to gain an edge. within intense fighting, including this battle at an airport 100 miles for the capitol, gadhafi's forces face a huge challenge. the teams on the ground have been able to give us a picture of what territories he lost and what he held onto. forces loyal to moammar gadhafi hol
Mar 12, 2011 7:00am EST
discussions. i believe the answer to you. guest: i am very sorry for the loss of seth, but that is where we do not want to go. that is the kind of bullying consequence to the extreme that is really at the heart of the efforts of the national school boards association and, really, president obama in addressing bullying. you have a variety of tools as a board member. they're subject to your state law. school board is a great place to start a few -- if you can, like the state school board association. they have trainers cover resources, lawyers, policy experts. many of the people on staff are either former school board members said they have the tools to help the really address. we at the national school boards association can also help you. a program like students on board would have been very useful to your school board and we plan to introduce that, by the way, in california next month at our annual conference in san francisco. the state school board association is a great resource for you. i think you said that you were on the school board, but for those members who are now active, that is a
Mar 23, 2011 7:00am PDT
. that in the northbound direction. the right here on highway 101. seth mount. still pretty jammed that it is a hot spot for sure. also was there to the caldecott tunnel in the midst your oakland, 580 at the san leandro. both really slow. the bay bridge is not a problem. interstates 0 is quite so. you will see in fact is that the bay bridge has been a pretty good commute have the any back up. despite the slow traffic. mark, just the in >> mark: ? kron4 is j r is the joining us. good morning j r. >> reporter: is cold, dreary, it is snowing. i can tell you when i went to bed last night knows snow on the main roads. but there's been a lot of snow in the last couple of weeks, months. you have the buildup but the roads themselves look pretty clear. i woke up, kron4, 5 in. of snow. it is a powdery snow. i can tell you their snowplows everywhere, the rugs are slippery. they say that this could keep going through the week. it's a cold, snowy one this morning. >> justine: hurt people doing anything to enjoy it or heat this weather? >> mark: we seem to love lost and great video that we just and then you can see
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15 (some duplicates have been removed)